Pet Food Bank Delivery

Today we delivered 880 pounds of dog food to our pet food bank at Combined Community Services. This brings our total of delivered food so far this year to 2,295 pounds! That’s makes for some full bellies in our community!

Low Cost Spay and Neuter

We are now taking registrations for the April 7-8 Spay/Neuter Transport to Humane Fort Wayne. Dogs spay or neuter is $125, Cats spay or neuter $75. If the animal does not have a current Rabies vaccine an additional cost of $16. All animals must be in hard plastic transport crates. Feral cats $35 and must […]

Pet Food Bank Delivery

One of our board members traveled to Indy on March 3rd to pick up dog and cat food for our pet food pantry at Combined Community Services. We delivered 819 lbs of dry dog food, 116 lbs of dry cat food, 288 cans of wet dog food, and 288 cans of wet cat food to […]

Facebook milestone!

We just hit 8,000 followers on Facebook! Thank you to everyone who follows our page and our mission. Now on to 10,000!

2020 Spay/Neuter Transport

ODTR was able to coordinate transport for 59 animals to be Spay or Neutered in 2020. Transports have now ended for the year and will begin again in 2021.

Pet Food Bank Delivery

Another rescue has a surplus of food and treats that were graciously shared with our rescue. 168lbs of treats and 488lbs of food were delivered to CCS. This brings our yearly total to 5,018.5lbs.

Pet food drive

Note from our President, Suzanne Abel: I would say that our Pet Food Drive on Saturday was very successful, we received 469 lbs of dog and cat food and $237 in cash donations to purchase food. I delivered the 469 lbs of food to CCS today which brings our yearly total to 11,400 lbs. of […]

October spay/neuter transport

We had another full transport in Oct with 12 animals bringing our total for the year to 89 animals we had transported to be altered for the year.  🙂

October pet food bank

We purchased 766 lbs. of food for the Combined Community Services clients, bringing our yearly total to 10,931 lbs.

September pet food bank and spay/neuter transport

In September, two of our awesome volunteers picked up pet food from Indianapolis and delivered to Combined Community Services for the pet food bank. They delivered 2,082 lbs. of dog and cat food bringing our yearly total to 10,165 lbs. We also had 12 animals on the spay/neuter transport, bringing our total to 77.